UBC Garden of Eden

The UBC Garden of Eden project is a partnership with The Union Baptist Church (UBC) and the artist/urban farmer Meei Ling. She is developing the churchyard and car park in a project that will include art installation with vegetable, herb, flower and fruit propagation for the church soup kitchen, guests and the surrounding community.

Phase 1 of the installation project is nearing completion in 2017. Designed by Meei Ling and with volunteers effort, they used salvaged materials and church pews from the neighborhood to build 12 raised beds for vegetable growing. Local organizations, businesses, neigbors and individuals funded the construction and tree work.

Phase 2 will be the transformation of the remaining churchyard into a multiuse greenspace in 2018. Planting will include blueberry bushes and other fruit bearing plants, herbs and flowers creating a natural meadow aesthetic while improving access and function of the space.

Phase 3 – Fitzwater Orchard, will transform a portion of the UBC car park into an urban orchard in 2018. Large planters, using salvaged plastic crates as a design concept, will contain a variety of fruit trees and will serve as a canvas for mural arts. The perimeter wall of the parking lot will have both a living green wall installation and a mural designed by Meei Ling.

From the start of Phase 1, the project has begun connecting the residents of our neighborhood and building community. People curious about the goings stop in and soon become volunteers. They’ll get their hands dirty building the growing beds, learn about vegetable growing and quite often leave with some of the fresh harvest. The installation not only producing food but also beauty in the neighborhood. Often, people walk by were drawn by the church pews art installation and taking pictures.

The collaborations and programing already initiated point to the potential for this project. Vegetables grown in the highly productive beds have gone into meals prepared in the UBC kitchen for their free meal program (soup kitchen). Children (+50) with parents from the neighborhood have come to enjoy a storytime put on by staff of a neighborhood library. While in the garden, the children also learned about growing vegetables, sampled some right out of the beds and helped harvest tomatoes and eggplant for the soup kitchen. Some of the activities and programming using the garden as a venue have been initiated but others won’t be started until all phases of the project are completed.

For neighborhood residents who want to stay local while having a private event, the garden with its meadow and orchard, would be an attractive green venue.

To get involved or volunteer for this project, please email Meei Ling at artbymeeiling@gmail.com, Click here for documentry photos for this on going project.

UBC Garden of Eden