Sofa Planter

Sofa Planter

This Grow Food Where You Live Art Installation has a Spring '15 start date. The urban farming operation will be set up in the parking lot of the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission at the North Chinatown neighborhood. Creator Meei Ling hopes to use the installation for education, food production and community building.

This installation is an unique approach to get the men and women of The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission involved in an endeavor where the garden's harvest is a tangible reward for their efforts. Advanced techniques for urban, high production growing will be used and taught at the installation so participants will gain a skill set that would enable them to be employed at or start up their own urban ag operation on one the cities many vacant lots. The farm can also provide fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs for the rescue mission kitchen. Selling at local farmers market, fair food farm store or local restaurants. Meei Ling's plan also includes reaching out to the surrounding community to introduce residents to urban agriculture. So the project has the potential for community building by bringing together diverse groups, new and old residents, the homeless population and the staffs of participating organizations.

To get involved or to receive updates about this Installation, please sign up here, or stop by Asian Arts Initiative during gallery hours (Tuesday through Friday, 12 to 6 pm).

Sofa Planter

Videographer, Michelle Saul-Yamasaki

Chili Pepper Dryer

Musical Garden - Permanent Outdoor Art Installation for SpArc Services, July 28, 2014.

Collaboration project with SpArc Services and The Foundry(Philadelphia Salvage). The interactive outdoor installation is installed in front of SpArc Services building in Tioga, formerly the Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation, which provides vocational training and job opportunities to intellectually and physically disabled adults. I worked on this project with SpArc Services staff and their participants to bring an engaging art-making experience that included gardening and musical themes. Thank you for the generous donation made by The Foundry for the salvage pianos/parts and providing workshop space for us to work on the project.

The public is invited to view the "Musical Garden" installation at SpArc Services, 2350 W. Westmoreland St., from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The interactive piano display is on the left side of the building entrance; the interactive mural/harps, vegetable and herb garden is on the right. Parking is available on the street. There is also a small lot inside SpArc's gates.

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