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Deep Roots: An outdoor art installation, May 5 - 6, 2012

Artist Statement:

Art and nature are important parts of my life. It is challenging to weave my artwork harmoniously, into the natural environment but I am always willing to venture onto new paths and to blur the lines.

“Deep Roots” explores relationships between art, our natural environment, and ourselves. I see that we are not separate. We are, intimately and necessarily, interconnected with every other living and nonliving thing with which we interact. This is the story that I’m most interested in telling. To facilitate direct experience and recognition of these relationships, I have gone beyond the gallery walls and have based this installation in the front yard organic farm of permaculturist, Michaelann Velicky. The art is born from and stands exposed to the energy and material of people, plants, weather, animals and insects. It serves to house, to attract, to feed, and to transport; not only the fauna, but also our spirits.

I want to create art that invites the attention to rest upon our everyday places, objects, and creatures; all of which participate in a dynamic and complex system. It is in this pause from the pressured day-to-day hustle when experience and inquiry can take root. It is in this space that emotions on many levels can emerge. It is from this depth that new understanding can grow.

Educational mission: to bring awareness to the interconnectedness of all elements in our ecological and social communities.

Special thanks to my photographer friend, Sang Cun who took all these beautiful photographs.

Nature is invisible to everyday life, if you fail to take time to notice it.
—Meei-Ling Ng

Michelle Saul-Yamasaki did some beautiful work documenting "Deep Roots." Thank you, Michelle!